We will listen.  We will share our knowledge.  We will respect your privacy and decisions.  
We know there are many reasons people decide to sell or divest themselves of certain types of valuable personal property. We know that money, or lack thereof, is almost never the reason.
We have three generations of experience in listening, understanding, and helping people like you. We know when the time comes you will want to work with someone who is knowledgeable, understands your situation, and will tailor a solution to your specific needs.
We look forward to establishing a long term relationship with you. In fact, our three generations of experience means that the children and grandchildren of our very first clients now form the basis of our present clientele.
Deb and Bill Williams have been assisting families for years.  As an Attorney, Deb was involved in the creation, execution and distribution processes of her clients’ estates.  Similarly, Bill has evaluated tens of thousands of items and played an integral role in the divesting process and as an IRS liaison for some of the most affluent families in the United States.  
As a result of their combined experience, Deb and Bill Williams founded Lindstrom & McKenney in 2000 with the sole purpose to assist, create and execute efficient, effective and complete solutions for people who will benefit from their many years of experience and expertise.  
14159 Clayton Road - Town & Country, MO 63017 - (636) 728.1575 or toll free (866) 378.2832
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